About Us

At Green Design Homes, we construct energy efficient homes.
This is achieved by strategic orientation of living areas to the north. With the use of double glazed windows and quality insulation, the mandatory 6 star energy rating is well and truly surpassed.

The result is a home that uses 33 percent less energy* for heating and cooling. With the continuing price rise of electricity and gas, these savings, over time, add up.

Our Display Homes at 6-8 Hillgrove Close, Warragul exceed the 6-star minimum Energy Rating.

To achieve such a high energy rating, it is important to take advantage of passive solar heating from the sun.

This is achieved by following some basic design principles –

  • Northerly orientation of daytime living areas
  • Appropriate areas of glass on the northern facade of the house
  • Passive shading of glass in the summer months
  • Quality insulation and draught sealing around doors and windows
  • Double glazing where necessary.

By following these principles you will maximise winter heat gain, minimise winter heat loss and concentrate heating where it is most needed.

All of this reduces your heating costs and ensures a comfortable, energy efficient home for years to come.

When choosing who builds your dream home, choose a builder that takes energy efficient design seriously.

* When optimum orientation and other factors are achieved.